Tkxl is the leading expert in Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 and is providing an array of Dynamics AX 365 consulting services to every type and size of business locally as well as internationally. We offer a wide range of ERP and CRM solutions that are geared toward augmenting your business processing and digital transforming your applications and websites. Our experts extract your business needs and hence are able to provide you with detailed  CRM and ERP centric solutions with features your business will need in order to thrive.

With our consulting services, your business can be well placed to exploit the capabilities of the ERP systems and CRM solutions. With it, you are able to run your entire enterprise seamlessly from end-to-end with state of art, intelligent applications that work excellent in the cloud. As a Microsoft-certified partner, we are executing various projects across a wide range of domains and have 15+ years of excellence and track record.


Main focus of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 training is to manage all the aspects of finance and human resource with detailed precision and efficacy. With this integrated and single intelligent application for financial management, you can meticulously manage your business finances. Unify your sales and marketing divisions under one roof. Connect easily with your business so that your customer can enjoy real time customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Modules 

  • Sales
  • Field Service
  • Customer
  • Project Service Automation
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Operations

Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.