The ITConnects founded on 2015 by an industry veteran with the focus to provide quality services, and help the organizations to take a right decision when it comes to pick a right solution or service.

We are located at Shahrah e Faisal Road and have a road map to become one of the top service provider.

ITConnects is a platform where you find solution for all your Business need. We are in partnership with multiple IT Giants and covering their most of the products and solutions. We are experienced to build accurate solution as per the Organizational need.

We have a team of people with years of experience with them. We are providing services in multiple domains such as Designing, Development, Identity Management, Virtualization, Messaging, Communication, Management & Monitoring, Back Up, Storage, Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Computing.

We also have in-house built business solutions; like Inventory Management & Control (IMC), Human Resource Management Service (HRMS), Payroll and School Management System.

In today’s competitive landscape, companies are finding ways to cutting cost to remain relevant. Decision makers are keep resonating the same query “How can we save cost without compromising on IT operations?”, and we have the right answer of this question.

We believe in building strong relationship that will lead us towards success. Our focus is to provide best services in all the departments; from solution selling to successful deployment. Although we are new in market but we have a team of dedicated people who are experienced in their own domains.

We love to be known as consultant or adviser rather than reseller.


A proven client service model:

  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Considerable range of combined technical knowledge and experience.
  • Timely response to any issues.
  • Cost efficient services.
  • Flexible in cost for easier budgeting.